May 2010
3DTV & TV Everywhere
Rebecca Glashow (Discovery)

March 2010
"Hulu-like" Mobile Video Site
G. Colvin (Fox Interactive)

March 2010
Turner's Online Video Strategy
C. Casey (Turner Broadcasting)

March 2010
Sky's Online Video Strategy
N. Clarke, Sky Digital Media

March 2010
BBC iPlayer Success
M. Hockaday, BBC Worldwide

February 2010
Premium Service for
A. Soohoo, CBS Interactive

February 2010
Online Video Search
A. Richman, Mediavest

January 2010
3DTV-Network Launch 2010
D. Zaslav, Discovery

January 2010
Yahoo's TV Widget Technology
R. Schafer, Yahoo Connected TV

November 2009
CBS, and Hulu - Bet on TV Everywhere!
Quincy Smith, CBS Interactive

September 2009
Asian TV Challenges
Dominic Leung, Managing Director, nowTV

September 2009
Indian TV Market Competition
Bharat Kumar Ranga, COO, Zee Entertainment

September 2009
Fox International in Asia
Ward Platt, President, Fox International

September 2009
Video Search at Microsoft's Bing
Stefan Weitz, Bing

August 2009
MTV: Most Effective Video Ads
Jason Witt, MTV

June 2009
Mobile TV in the U.S.
Bill Stone, Flo TV

May 2009
TV Ads Online at YouTube
Chris Dale, YouTube/Google TV

April, 2009
Free Full Length Episodes Online
Robert Hayes, Showtime

April, 2009
Online Pay-Per-View Events
Robert Hayes, Showtime

April, 2009
Zillion TV Lauch at Cannes
Mitch Berman, ZillionTV

March, 2009
Innovation and Partnership
David Gale, MTV Networks

March, 2009
Interactive TV Advertising
Eric Feng, CTO at Hulu

January, 2009
Streaming and Commercials
K.C. Estenson,

January, 2009
Yahoo's Connected TV
Jerry Yang, Yahoo

December, 2008
Joost’s iPhone application
Mike Volpi, Joost

December, 2008
Videos Streamed on User Profiles
Cristian Cussen, MySpaceTV

December, 2008
Video Search Monetization
Suranga Chandratillake, Blinkx

July 28, 2008
Sponsored Web Video Programming
Jigar Thakarar, CBS Interactive

July 27, 2008
New Features at Hulu
Interview with Eric Feng, Hulu

July 25, 2008
Online Video Distribution
Albert Cheng, Disney/ABC

July 14, 2008
Video ad & behavioral targeting
Dmitry Shapiro, Veoh

July 14, 2008
Strategy around video
Jason Kirk, MySpace TV

June 24, 2008
Downloaded Media
Mitch Singer, Sony Pictures

June 20, 2008
YouTube's screening room
Sara Pollack, YouTube

May 29, 2008
IPTV Service Set for Russia
Jim Baldwin, Microsoft TV

January 30, 2008
P2P-platform "vuze" (formerly "azureus")
Interview with Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer, Vuze